Let your customers show you the way
to increase revenue

Let your customers show you the way
to beat competitors

Let your customers show you the way
to increase value

Let your customers show you the way
to prioritise ideas

Let your customers show you the way
to delight them

Let your customers show you the way
to design things better

Let your customers show you the way
to design better things

Let your customers show you the way
to retain them

Your UX consultancy partner for results-driven User Research & Product Design.

Discover the insights you need to make better decisions by observing user behaviour.

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Why Navigate?

Navigate UX is a results-driven UX consultancy for funded tech startups and enterprise, led by Adam Babajee-Pycroft, and supported by a network of trusted consultants.

At Navigate UX we believe that visionary genius only gets businesses so far. What’s needed is a multi-disciplinary team of specialists bringing diverse (and separate skills) to tackle complex problems. Businesses need people to advocate commercial objectives and harness technology. They need empowered product managers, UX teams, and engineers who create value. Navigate UX can become a core part of any business to harness the superpower of correctly predicting user behaviour.

You might be a funded startup looking to scale. You definitely will be an ambitious people focussed business. You have a vision. We will help you achieve that vision (visions make a great compass but a lousy GPS!). We work with people who recognise there might be a problem but are flexible about the solution. No design survives first contact with the user. It's your choice whether that happens early on in the process or after months of development. The formula for getting it right is prototype, test, iterate, repeat. We come in,  we build a culture of continuous user research, we get you strong results, we make you look like a super hero, then you can fire us (if you want to!).

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I worked with Adam on an enterprise software project, a tough brief with complex requirements. Adam is passionate about everything digital and user experience (UX) which comes across in all of his work. He manages stakeholder groups extremely well and isn't afraid to challenge the client if he believes it is in their best interests.
Chief Commercial Officer, VoCoVo
Adam supported us through multiple rounds of UX research to help us better understand our online consumer journey. He listened to our objectives and used his expertise to guide us to refine these in order to create beneficial output. The resulting piece of insight has shaped our future thinking, has been used across the business and was delivered in a clear concise way. I would highly recommend working with Adam
Omnichannel Digital Lead, Volvo
Adam and his team undertook a key UX research project for Unite Students, under extremely tight deadlines. Not only did they work at pace and guarantee to deliver on schedule, the quality of the research and comprehension of our business were both exceptional.
We are very pleased with the output and the detailed level of insight gained.
UX and Design Manager, Unite Students
"We’ve worked with Adam and his team for 6 months now and have been over the moon with both their design skills, creative ideas and responsiveness. We look forward to seeing the product they have designed come to life shortly and are sure it will be a game changer for our business & the value we deliver to our customers"
CEO, Digivante

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Our results

Throughout his career our founder Adam has helped bring about change and deliver results. Adam has been passionate about design since childhood and has been practicing user-centred design for 15 years. He is motivated by bringing a sense of order to chaos.

A UX overhaul included a redesign of the online shop, resulting in a 28% increase in revenue, a 21% increase in mobile conversions and a win at the UK Ecommerce Awards 2020 (DIY, Home, Furniture & Interior Design eCommerce Website of the Year)
A discovery/user-centred design project led to a 68% increase in users entering the booking flow for this student accommodation provider.
A redesign of all UK dealer websites led to a 185% increase in leads and generated a 222% increase in website traffic. Repeat business from the BMW Group including a redesign of MINI's dealer websites in the UK, Rolls-Royce globally, and some work on the UK national website including multiple user research projects.
A new system for recording shouts (call outs by volunteers at this national life saving charity) has helped track the rescue of 56,657 people since launch.
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Navigate UX is a fully remote, asynchronous team led from Bristol, UK

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What our clients say

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